Sparkling Berry Cocktail Review

 This Berry Prosecco cocktail recipe is not my own, the full and original recipe is made by lulus
This fizzy Lemony Berry Prosecco cocktail is absolutely mouth-watering. I can’t get enough every time I make it. It’s a perfect cocktail for a poolside lazy Saturday with the heat from the sun drying you off while the fruity cocktail cools you off and quenches your thirst.

This has never not been a hit for me. One of my absolute favorite parts is that you can decorate it with all the fun garnishes. It tastes like a bubbly strawberry, blackberry lemonade and I’m here for it

There’s nothing I like more with my prosecco than ripe berries, there’s something about frozen berries that just adds an extra punch to any cocktail, it helps the ice keep the drink cool while adding natural flavors to the concoction.

I have never had a better experience with a cocktail than this one, I make it when I’m relaxing at home, hosting a dinner party, or visiting the pool. The berries make it sweet, the prosecco gives it that satisfying fizz, and the vodka makes it nice and boozy.

How to create the perfect Lemony Berry Prosecco experience

When hosting there are a few things that come into play to craft the perfect experience. For me this always boils down to these factors:

  • Entertainment
  • Appetizers
  • Fresh ingredients
  • quality-crafted cocktails


Entertainment is such a huge part of hosting. Anyone can put out a few drinks and bags of chips and say they had a party but to consider an event “hosted” you need to put more thought and effort into the environment you’re trying to foster. I always have a few things for entertainment like board games and if there’s a football game I have that on to keep the husbands happy. When possible, for dinner parties I like to have group games like charades or any adult party game. The more creative you get, the more fun everyone else is going to have!


Again, anyone can pick a game and some cocktails and chips and call it a party. Everyone has a great time at those! Personally, I like to put a little extra effort into the appetizers. I’ve always stood by the adage “20% extra effort leads to 80% extra reward”. If we just put in about 20% extra work on the appetizers, we can have a party that’s 80% more memorable! Below are some great ideas but if you prefer a whole list of snacks here’s my favorite list “41 low carb snacks

Fresh Ingredients

This is pretty self-explanatory but it still needs to be said, no one wants to be at the cocktail party where the lemon garnishes are bruised or the blackberries are almost fruitless. By going to a store with higher quality products, the flavors and look of your garnished (and appetizers) are going to pop more. A vibrant juicy lime on your glass is always going to help your experience while a bruised lime with almost no juice is going to make you want to put your drink down and ask for a beer.

Quality crafted cocktails

A quality crafted cocktail is always going to be the make or break of your party, if you go for the cheapest ingredients and spirits for your drinks people are going to notice. Sure you’ll be able to get away with using a $30 bottle of vodka over an $80 bottle. If you are swapping your vodka, prosecco, berries, and every other ingredient for the generic brand though, it’s going to add up.


This cocktail is one of my absolute favorites. If someone ever asks me which cocktail they should make when they’re starting out with hosting, this is the one I recommend. It’s so easy to make and so tasty in its final form. You’ll love it because the palate of the prosecco allows the berries to shine as the main flavor of the drink while the vodka adds an extra punch to make sure everyone gets a little tipsy after 2 or 3.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


  • 1/4 cup berries (fresh or frozen and thawed), plus more for garnish
  • Half a lemon, cut into wedges
  • 2 tsp sugar
  • 3 ounces vodka
  • Prosecco (or club soda)
  • Lemon round, for garnish


  • Add lemon wedges, berries and sugar to a cocktail shaker and muddle .
  • Add vodka and ice to the shaker and shake well.
  • Strain into 2 glasses filled with ice. Top with prosecco. Garnish with a lemon round and berries.
  • Enjoy!

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