Sponsored Giveaway Basket!

Hey, all you Prosecco Lovers! In appreciation of everyone's love and support over all of this time I want to host a giveaway from our sponsors. Canneseentials, East Coast Artistry, and Melissa with Scout and Cellar. Have each offered to pitch in to give you a chance to try their amazing goodies!

From Cannessentials, they are going to ship some Delta 8 gummies your way! The gummies are super tasty and perfect for relaxing and settling down with a cocktail or even going to a yoga studio and really calming yourself. Each gummy is 25 mg, vegan, and gluten-free, making it very health-conscious for everyone with sensitivities.

From East Coast Artistry, our wonderful craftsman is going to be sending you some homemade wine glasses! I absolutely love her pieces, from the charcuterie boards to the wine glasses and coasters. Everything being homemade has really highlighted my cocktail parties as of late.

From Melissa with Scout and Cellar, She is going to be sending you a bottle of our favorite wine from her store! a Galivant Bubbly White Wine. This wine can replace Prosecco in any of our cocktails or just be had by itself. Smooth and tasty with hints of lemon and a bold finish. I've even come to recommend this wine in some of our more popular cocktails.

All of these lovely goodies will be shipped to the winner, all you have to do is sign up for our newsletter and repost our giveaway on Facebook or Pinterest. The winner will be announced on May 13th. Thanks so much for your continued support and I hope you send pictures of your goodies when they get there!

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