Moonwalk Cocktail

This cocktail was created by bartender Joe Gilmore in 1969, as a tribute to the first men who set foot on the Moon (Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin). It was the first drink they had when they returned back to Earth. Hence the name, Moonwalk Cocktail.

The Moonwalk cocktail is so easy to make, with only three ingredients, you can easily have this whenever you like!


30ml Grapefruit juice

30ml Grand Marnier Cordon Rogue

3 Drops Champagne rose' water or sparkling wine


Combine grapefruit juice, Grand Marnier liqueur and rose' water or sparkling wine in a cocktail shaker with ice.

Shake vigorously and filter the liquid in a champagne flute.

Finish by adding champagne at the top.

Taste and Enjoy!

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