Charcuterie board


A Charcuterie board is the life of any party. It's a centerpiece of the table and whether you're hosting a cocktail party or throwing a dinner gathering, it has become an expectation in my circles.

 The combination of crackers, meats, and cheeses allows you to make it into a light snack or even filling enough for a meal if you have enough variety. 

The board itself is also important. While you can have a very detailed and well-thought-out setup, a bland board will leave your guests uninspired. I suggest an East Coast Artist board, like the ones used in our pictures.

My last secret is no surprise to our followers, lots of Prosecco cocktails to compliment your jaw-dropping board will make your gathering the kind that everyone will be talking about for months.


  • Herbed Boursin, a soft and spreadable cheese with a garlicky-herb flavor.
  • Mimolette, a nutty cheese with a unique crystalline texture.
  • Smoked Gouda, a smoky cheese with a chewy exterior.
  • Havarti, a creamy and mild comforting cheese.
  • Blue cheese, a crumbly, yet sharp and rich, cheese


  • Prosciutto, a must for any charcuterie board. It has a chewiness to it, and its saltiness pairs well with most cheeses.
  • Soppressata, served in rounds, similar to salami.
  • Calabrese, sliced thinner than the soppresata. It has a good bite.
  • Mortadella, a classier version of bologna that everyone will love.

The best crackers and condiments

A selection of different colors, shapes and flavors is ideal for the crackers, too. You never know what your guests will discover as their favorite combination. We love:
  • Thyme sea salt crackers to serve as an herbaceous base for any cheese and meat pairing.
  • Rye crackers add a different shade of brown and have a crunch unlike anything else on the board.
  • Baguette slices provide a chewy contrast to crispy crackers.
  • Long, thin crackers with squiggled edges provide visual interest and serve as a perfect vessel for cheese spreads.
  • Stone ground mustard can be spread on a cracker for a thin layer of spice.
  • Tupelo honey drizzled on top adds a welcome sweetness to salty meats.

Fruits and vegetables

If you’re lacking in color on your charcuterie board, fruits and vegetables are the answer. Stick with what’s in season for the freshest selection. We used:
  • Sweety Drop peppers are miniature and cute, and also unexpectedly sweet.
  • Red, green and purple grapes bring three different pops of color.
  • Dried fruits offer a textural balance to fresh fruits. Dried apricots in particular pair well with several other items on the board.

Pickles and nuts

Pickles, pickled veggies, and nuts add even more crunch and texture to your charcuterie board.
  • Marinated olives set in a bowl on your board are always a crowd-pleaser.
  • Rosemary walnuts are a simple but flavor-packed upgrade from plain nuts.
  • Gherkins or homemade pickles (or one of our favorite pickle brands) bring some brine to the party.
  • Marcona almonds belong on every charcuterie board! They’re oily, salty and absolutely perfect for pairing or eating individually.

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