Persimmon & Ginger Margarita⠀

I recently had the opportunity to try Aguamiel tequila blanco. This tequila has a lot of the characteristics you'd expect (citrusy, grassy, peppery, mineral/stone-y, just a little fruity and vanilla-y), but to my nose/palate a hint more complexity that's almost reminiscent of mezcal or even a sotol (only not smoky or funky). 

It is not shy (the aroma is big and bright), but it's balanced and easy sipping, and it was perfect with the fruity elements of this margarita riff.⠀


2 oz Aguamiel tequila blanco⠀

1/2 oz Cappelletti aperitivo⠀

1 oz lime juice⠀

3/4 oz persimmon-ginger syrup⠀

tiny pinch salt⠀

garnish: lime peel⠀


Combine all ingredients, shake well with ice, and strain into coupe. Garnish with lime peel.⠀

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