White Sbagliato⁣ Cocktail

Finally found the Mattei Cap Corse Blanc! It's an absolutely delicious aperitif from Corsica, and to me it is more floral than any others I've tasted (it almost reminds me of a wine-y, lightly bittered version of St. Germain). 

Here I put it together in sort of a cross between a white Negroni and a Sbagliato (a word that means "mistake" in Italian, and the cocktail is rumored to have originated from a bartender accidentally substituting prosecco for gin in a Negroni). 

This cocktail is pretty yet complex, lightly bitter yet fruity from the pineapple and grapes, crisp and dry, and it has loads of subtle botanicals against a wine-y backdrop.  It's really just a lovely aperitif. ⁣

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1 oz gin⁣

1 oz pineapple-infused Suze⁣

1 oz Cap Corse Blanc

2-3 oz prosecco to top⁣


1. Build over ice cubes in a large Wine glass.

2. Garnish with blooms

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