Sparkling Hibiscus Champagne Cocktail


A twist to traditional champagne. It’s a crowd-pleaser and the perfect addition to your New Year’s Eve house party menu!

This sparkling champagne cocktail, with the addition of this edible hibiscus flower, is such a pretty libation. This elegantly delicious flute-filled drink is gorgeous and inviting. What more can you ask for in a cocktail? Less is more and this drink is as easy to prepare as it is stylish.


Champagne or Prosecco

1 wild hibiscus flower

Get these amazing Champagne flutes to serve this drink




Position the hibiscus flower at the bottom of a champagne flute and slowly fill it with your favorite bubbly.

As the champagne fizzles, the hibiscus flower will open up and bloom in your glass.


Once you drink your bubbly, refill it. Or, just nibble on the edible flower.

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