Northern Gimlet Cocktail

It doesn’t get much simpler or more refreshing than the Gimlet. Composed of gin, fresh lime juice and sugar, the cocktail is classified as a gin sour, putting it in great company with other tried-and-true drinks, like the Daiquiri, which is a rum sour.

My Scandinavian friends will approve of this twist on a gimlet, I'm pretty sure. It is absolutely delicious.⠀

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1 1/2 oz gin⠀

1/2 oz aquavit⠀

1/2 oz Génépy⠀

1 oz lime juice⠀

1/2 oz simple syrup⠀

tiny pinch salt⠀

Garnish: fresh dill, cucumber⠀


Shake all ingredients with ice and strain over ice. Garnish with fresh dill and slices of cucumber.⠀

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