How to Make the Perfect New York Sour Cocktail

The New York Sour is a 19th-century classic that riffs on the sour drink template of spirit, sugar, and citrus. But here, we're upping the ante with a float of dry red wine. It's a fine way to combine your vices, and it looks great, too. 

So mix up some New York Sours and impress your house guests, or just keep them all to yourself.

A Refreshing Whiskey Cocktail to Toast these Holidays


2 oz Bourbon

0.5 oz Orgeat

1 oz Lemon

1.5 - 2 oz Red Wine

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Shake all ingredients less the red wine with ice. Strain into a rocks glass or goblet with fresh ice. Top with red by pouring over the back of a barspoon to prevent from combining with the rest of the mixture. 

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