Tangerine Pisco Fizz Cocktail


What spirit have you been neglecting? When I was neglecting rum, this recipe reminded me that I was also neglecting pisco. So here we go, pisco!⠀
This was done in the style of the Ramos Gin Fizz. What a delight it is to see that little chef's hat souffle-ing itself up higher and higher as you add soda (or in this case, kombucha). When added bit by bit, you can see the lines where the meringue, having momentarily settled, is boosted once again and then resettles -- a tell, like a tree's rings.⠀
This is as delicious as it looks.⠀


2 oz pisco⠀
1/2 oz Aperol⠀
1 oz fresh tangerine juice⠀
1/2 oz lemon juice⠀
1/2 oz orgeat⠀
egg white⠀
Tangerine Passionfruit Kombucha to top⠀
mist of Angostura bitters⠀

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Combine all ingredients except kombucha and shake well without ice. Add a chunk of ice and shake well again. Strain into Collins glass, let settle, and top carefully with kombucha. Mist with bitters.⠀

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