Kingston Sour - Red Wine Float Cocktail

 If you love a NY Sour, here’s another concoction that should be on your list.

 I used Supasawa instead of lemon Juice for a smooth finish and Orgeat to get a delightful nuttiness. The Orgeat I use might be a bit sweeter than yours so test the cocktail for acidity with a straw before adding the wine and just stir in another quarter oz if need be. I used a dry Spanish wine in this drink which worked soooo nicely!


2 oz Jamaican White Rum
0.75 oz Supasawa
0.5 oz Orgeat
1 oz Red Wine

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1. Stir all ingredients less the Red Wine. 
2. Strain into a rocks or highball glass with ice. 
3. Layer on the Red Wine using a barspoon. Present and then combine the wine using barspoon. 
4. Garnish with Cherry

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