Grenadine & Champagne Cocktails


Our homemade grenadine and champagne cocktails are an easy way to impress your guests, whatever the occasion.


pomegranates 4

white caster sugar 100g

brown sugar lumps 3

lime 1, sliced

Champagne 1 bottle

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Juice the pomegranates by pressing them in a citrus press, using a citrus juicer or by releasing all the flesh from the membrane and pulsing it in a blender before sieving out the pips.


Dissolve the caster sugar in 2 tbsp water and then simmer it until you have a very thick, sticky syrup, then stir in the pomegranate juice to make fresh grenadine. Cool, then cover with clingfilm. This will keep in the fridge for up to 5 days.


Crack the sugar lumps in half (or into large pieces). Drop a piece each into 6 champagne glasses, then add a measure of grenadine and a slice of lime to each one. Top up with champagne (it will fizz up quite a lot because of the sugar) and serve.

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