Watermelon Mint Mojitos Mocktails

It’s finally hot outside and today I will share this delicious Watermelon Mojito without Alcohol. 

This Mocktail is made by Eitan, a eighteen-year-old food blogger, YouTuber, food photographer, recipe developer and all around foodie.

When it’s a hot summer day and all you want is to sit by the pool with a drink in hand, this one is just what you want! 

This Non-Alcoholic Watermelon Mojitos recipe is my all-time favorite to make and drink when I don't want an Alcoholic drink. It is super refreshing and sweet from the watermelon juice and simple syrup. The lime juice and mint add more layers of flavor that give this drink it’s amazing flavor! 

Learn how to make this delicious drink by watching the video from Eitan below!

Simple Syrup:

1 cup water
1 cup sugar
Lime Zest & Mint Sugar:
½ cup sugar
1 tablespoons mint, finely chopped
1 tsp lime zest
Watermelon Mojito:
2 mint leaves
2 lime wedges
1/3 cup watermelon juice
2 tbsp simple syrup
Cubes of watermelon
Mint leaves, to garnish

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Simple Syrup:

In a small pot heat the water and sugar and stir until dissolved. Remove from the flame and set aside to cool to room temperature.
Lime Zest & Mint Sugar:
In a wide bowl, combine the sugar, mint, and lime zest.

Watermelon Mojito:

Rub the edge of a glass with a lime wedge, then turn the glass upside down and rub the wet rim in the lime zest and mint sugar.
In a medium sized cocktail shaker muddle the mint leaves and lemon wedge. Add in the watermelon juice, simple syrup, a pinch of Lime Zest & Mint Sugar, and ice. Shake for about a minute, until the drink is cold. Add some watermelon cubes to the glass followed by the mixed drink. Top the drink with some fresh mint leaves and serve immediately.

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