Mojito Royal Cocktail

The absolute king of the mojito’s is the Mojito Royal. The name says enough already. This variation on the classic mojito we’ve made with champagne. The most elegant and classy mojito. If you’re a fan of the mojito and you are looking for a welcome drink or aperitif this is the one to go for.

What do you need for a Mojito Royal?

White rum (1 part)
Champagne (1,5 part)
Lime (1 piece)
Sugar syrup

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How do you make a Mojito Royal?

For this cocktail we use a long drink glass. For this reason we can’t use a muddler because this would break the glass definitely. We still be making the cocktail straight into the glass. 

You can also use a champagne glass for this cocktail if you have these. 

Take your glass and squeeze out in the glass and put in the squeezed limes. Now add the sugar syrup, mint and with rum. Carefully give it a small stir. 

We don’t want to break the glass. Fill up the glass with crushed ice and again give it a small stir. Now top of the glass with the champagne. 

Add some mint leaves or a lemon part for garnish and your Mojito Royal is ready to serve.

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