Cherry & Peach Sangria

Sit back and relax, because summer is here! We're sipping away with this Cherry and Peach Sangria, which features the brightest fruits of the season. 

Chelan Fresh Cherries are the star of the show for this refreshing drink, hailing from Central Washington, where the conditions for the cherries are at their peak. 

We are always on the hunt for Chelan Fresh Cherries throughout the summer for their fresh flavor and bounty of nutrients. 

6 servings


1 bottle (750 ml) Rosé wine 
1/3 cup brandy, cherry or peach flavored if available  
1/4 cup sugar 
Dash of citrus bitters (optional) 
1 cup cherries, pitted and halved
2 ripe peaches or nectarines, sliced thin
1 lime, sliced crosswise into rounds
1 orange, sliced crosswise into rounds
Large handful of fresh mint springs
1 cup of cherry or citrus flavored sparkling water or tonic water

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1. Combine wine, brandy, sugar and bitters (if using) in a large pitcher and stir until sugar is dissolved.

2. Add sliced cherries, peaches, lime, orange and mint sprigs. (TIP: set aside a few pieces of each fruit to garnish the glasses before serving)

3. Mix in sparkling water and ice just before serving. Enjoy!

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