Cherry Negroni Sour⁣

Cherry season is short, so one must make the most of it! I love every iteration of a Negroni sour I have ever made, but this one, with muddled fresh cherries, was especially yummy.⁣


1 oz Campari⁣
1 oz navy strength gin (@holystonedistilling Bosun's gin)⁣
1 oz sweet vermouth (Lustau Vermut rojo)⁣
3/4 oz lemon juice⁣
5 fresh sweet cherries muddled with 1-2 tsp sugar (or to taste)⁣
1 egg white⁣
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Pit cherries and muddle with sugar. Combine with all ingredients except egg white and then strain, pressing cherries to extract all the liquid. Add egg white and mime shake, then shake with ice. Double strain into coupe.⁣

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