Strawberry Campari Gin Soda⁣

I was going to make a martini or the much-beloved Negroni (truly unimpeachable, perfect cocktails), but instead I'm going this route, which is more befitting a warm sunny day. 

It's basically a riff on an Americano (Campari + vermouth + soda), with gin standing in for vermouth, plus a strawberry infusion and a squeeze of blood orange. Complex, crisp, refreshing -- stellar quencher for a weekend afternoon! 

And if you're craving this today but haven't infused Campari, you can always take a shortcut and muddle a few strawberries into the cocktail, double-straining when you pour.)


2 oz strawberry-infused Campari* (to taste)⁣
1 oz gin⁣
squeeze of citrus (any you like!)⁣
soda to top⁣

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Combine and stir with ice. Garnish.⁣
Pour Campari over sliced ripe strawberries and let it sit for a day or two before straining.⁣

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