Smoky Rhubarb-Raspberry Margarita⁣⁣

Cinco de Mayo is a single day, but when you consider the month's intersection with the onset of rhubarb and berry season, it is clear that May demands multiple margaritas.⁣


2 oz tequila blanco⁣⁣
1/2 oz smoky mezcal⁣⁣
1 oz lime juice⁣⁣
1 oz rhubarb-grapefruit cordial⁣⁣
couple of raspberries, muddled⁣⁣
tiny pinch salt⁣⁣
garnish: rhubarb, raspberry, key lime⁣⁣
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Combine ingredients and shake with ice. Double strain over fresh ice and garnish.⁣⁣

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