Limoncello Mojito Cocktail

A Mojito Cocktail with a fun Italian twist, this cocktail is made with limoncello, fresh lemons and plenty of mint. It’s super refreshing, delicious and perfect for sipping on when the sun is shining!

I loveee cocktails like a simple but iconic Aperol Spritz or my Rose Cointreau Cocktail and for two main reasons one, they delicious (obv) and two, they’re made with so few ingredients it ain’t gonna break the bank. Woop!

So How’s this Mojito Cocktail Different?
It’s still got all the mint and all the rum but instead of fresh lime I’ve used juicy and zingy lemons and a good measure of limoncello because it’s just too good!

This mojito is incredibly refreshing and perfect for sipping on a hot and sunny afternoon or well, just because (my excuse the majority of the time).


3 large sprigs fresh mint plus extra for garnish
2 shots limoncello
2 shots white rum
soda water for topping
1 tbsp sugar
1 lemon cut into wedges


Cocktail shaker or large glass
Cocktail muddles or wooden pestle

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Put the mint leaves,sugar and fresh lemon in a large cocktail shaker and muddle, bashing the lemon and mint until most of the juice is released.
Add the limoncello and run and top the shaker with ice. Shake until thoroughly mixed and ice cold.
Divide the cocktail between to high ball glasses filled with ice and top up with soda water. Garnish with mint and lemon if desired.
Go for a good quality limoncello (homemade is best and way cheaper) but cheap store-bought varieties are often made with artificial lemon powders and don't taste nice.
Make sure to fill the glass with ice to keep the drink nice and chilled.
Bashing the mint and lemon juice releases a ton of flavour and juice. Make sure to do it with a wooden pestle if you don't have a cocktail kit so you don't break the glass.
To make it virgin (without alcohol) replace the rum and limoncello with a good fizzy lemonade such as San Pellegrino Limonata and garnish with more mint. It'll be super refreshing and zingy without the booze!

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