Sweet as Honey Spritz

Spritz recipes were generated by different regions in Europe and are typically an aperitif plus sparkling water. I have chosen to upgrade my spritz recipes by adding some seasonal flavors that have inspired me this summer.

My first recipe was inspired by a recent trip to Paris. All the markets had beautiful summer berries including blueberries. In addition to the blueberries I decided to add some honey water and Lillet Blanc as the Blanc has some notes of honey. Check out my video of me making my Sweet as Honey Spritz and watch as I take you on a journey through Paris.


3 ounces of Lillet Blanc
½ ounce of Honey Water (2:1 honey to water)
2.5 ounces of Sparkling Water
Garnish with Blueberries, Thyme and Lemon Slice

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Add ice to the serving glass.
Add all ingredients to the serving glass.
Stir then garnish

Source: beautifulbooze.com

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