Raspberry Rose Fizz

This cocktail is a combination of two classic cocktails, the Clover Club and the Ramos Fizz. 

It is beautifully light and festively pink. Perfect for brunch and perfect for mom.


88ml gin
44ml raspberry liqueur
44ml lemon juice
44ml raspberry syrup
3 drops rosewater
1 egg white
88ml sparkling water
rose petals, to garnish

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Add the egg white to your shaker and shake for 10 seconds without ice or any other ingredients. 

This will help you to create the lovely light foam that gives this drink its silky texture. Fill your shaker with the remaining ingredients, except the sparkling water. Add ice and shake vigorously for 30 seconds.

Add ice and the sparkling water to your glass and double-strain the shaker contents over the top. Garnish with a rose petal and straw.

Source: honestlyyum.com

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