Tart Cherry Negroni

I decided to make one myself and this Tart Cherry Negroni is as delicious as it looks.

One of the primary ingredients in a Negroni is the Campari and it is so delicious, yet some people don’t like the intensity of its bitterness. It’s easy to combat though, if you want to create a cocktail that is easy for everyone, simply by adding in some simple syrup to balance it. 

I always have a stock of Monin syrups in my home bar and their tart cherry seemed perfect for this cocktail. I simply mixed up a classic Negroni, added in some tart cherry syrup, and voila!


1 ounce Martin Miller’s Gin
1 ounce Campari
1 ounce Antica Formula
½ Monin Tart Cherry


Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass with ice
Stir to chill and combine ingredients
Strain into a cocktail glass over fresh ice
Garnish & Enjoy!

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