Double Chocolate And Caramel Tart

An easy and scrumptious recipe for a tart with white and dark chocolate!


For the tart crust
375 g ready-made shortcrust pastry
butter, for the tart pan
400 g dulce de leche
1 teaspoon(s) fleur de sel

For the coating
200 g chocolate couverture
100 g butter
2 eggs, medium
2 egg yolks
100 g granulated sugar
100 g white chocolate couverture, melted

To serve
dulce de leche
ice cream, vanilla
chocolate couverture, melted


For the tart crust
Leave the shortcrust pastry at room temperature according to the packet’s instructions.

Preheat the oven to 180°C (350° F) set to fan. 

Butter a 20x30 cm tart pan and line it with the pastry. 

Bake it for 25 minutes, by having placed a piece of plastic wrap on its surface along with some rice or legumes as pie weights (so that the pastry will not rise). 

Remove the plastic wrap with the rice or legumes and bake it for 10 more minutes until the pastry is golden (the rice or legumes that you used as pie weights cannot be cooked. You can only use them again as pie weights).

Let it cool completely onto a rack for 20 minutes.

Spread the dulce de leche over its surface and add the salt. 

For the coating
Melt the chocolate couverture with the butter in a bain-marie or in the microwave at 800 
Watt for 1 minute. If the chocolate is not completely melted, stir the mixture, and microwave it again for a few more seconds.

Mix with a hand whisk until the ingredients are homogenized. 

In a mixer, beat the eggs with the extra yolks and the sugar for 5 minutes, until they are fluffy. 

Add the chocolate mixture into the egg mixture and mix until they are homogenized.
Add the mixture into the tart, on top of the caramel. 

Pour over the melted white chocolate and create patterns using a toothpick.

Bake for 20 minutes. 
Remove from the oven and let the tart cool onto a rack for 20 minutes.

Cut into pieces, drizzle with the dulce de leche, serve with an ice cream scoop, and drizzle with the melted couverture. 

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