Blueberry Colada

Today we are mixing up a variation on one of my special cheat treat cocktails that I only allow myself to drink on special occasions. The Piña Colada is a classic tiki cocktail that has made waves since its conception in 1954 in Puerto Rico. 

It took a while to take off but once it did there were bars on sunny beaches all over the world serving up these delicious cocktails. Today I made some simple substitutions and came up with a blueberry version because I love that I can get blueberries all year round so there is no time of year I can’t make this drink. 

I left out the pineapple and replaced the citrus zing with some lime juice and the delicious Monin Blueberry syrup was all I needed to finish off this masterpiece.


2 ounces white rum
1 ounces lime juice
1 ounce coconut cream
¾ ounce Monin Blueberry syrup


Crush ice for cocktail
Combine rum, lime juice and coconut cream in a cocktail shaker with ice
Shake hard to chill and combine ingredients
Strain concoction over crushed ice in a hi-ball glass
Float Monin Blackberry syrup over top
Stir to blend ingredients
Garnish & Enjoy!

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