Sgroppino (an Italian Dessert Cocktail)

Sgroppino: Italian dessert drink made with lemon sorbet, vodka and Prosecco, perfect for a dinner party or over the holidays.


12 ounces lemon sorbet
8 ounces prosecco
2 ounces vodka
Mint leaves for garnish


You can pour it into glasses, but it’s much better if you freeze it first. It won’t completely freeze due to the alcohol, but it has a slushy texture that’s perfect after dinner.

I recommend serving this with some small cookies.

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Scoop the sorbet into a large metal bowl. Add one-half of the Prosecco and whisk it around until the sorbet is melted into wine. Whisk in the vodka and remaining Prosecco.
Drink immediately, or pour into a jar and place in the freezer until ready to drink. The drink should be very slushy. Add mint leaves as a garnish.

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