Rosé Ginsecco Cocktail

Gin Prosecco cocktail. Those three magical words that can mean only one thing: CELEBRATION!

Fizz is always the answer. Birthdays, holidays, graduations. Because it’s Tuesday. Because the sun’s out. Or because it’s not.

The simplest method to making a gin Prosecco cocktail? Tip a measure or two of gin liqueur into Prosecco, cava, or whatever fizz is on hand.

Delight your guests this summer with a festive and pretty pink gin prosecco cocktail.

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120ml gin
750ml rosé Prosecco
600ml pink lemonade
Strawberries, to garnish
Lemon slices, to garnish


Fill six tumblers with ice. Add gin, then top with Prosecco and lemonade. Add sliced strawberries and lemons to garnish.
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Alternatively, place all of the ingredients in a large glass jug, add ice and serve.


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