Rosé Ginsecco Cocktail

Rosé Ginsecco Cocktail

Gin Prosecco cocktail. Those three magical words that can mean only one thing: Celebration! Fizz is always the answer. Birthdays, holidays, graduations. Because it’s Tuesday. Because the sun’s out. Or because it’s not. Delight your guests this summer with a festive and pretty pink gin prosecco cocktail.

The simplest method to making a gin Prosecco cocktail? Tip a measure or two of gin liqueur into Prosecco, cava, or whatever fizz is on hand.


  • 120ml gin
  • 750ml rosé Prosecco
  • 600ml pink lemonade
  • Strawberries, to garnish
  • Lemon slices, to garnish


  • Fill six tumblers with ice. 
  • Add gin, then top with Prosecco and lemonade. 
  • Add sliced strawberries and lemons to garnish.
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Alternatively, place all of the ingredients in a large glass jug, add ice and serve.

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