Raspberry Prosecco Jelly

Whilst this isn’t really a cocktail, more of a dessert, it does the trick on a sunny day and looks so special but is the quickest dessert ever to make!


Raspberry jelly cubes
Punnet of raspberries
Punnet of strawberries
Ice cream (optional)


Mix the jelly cubes with the usual amount of boiling water in a plastic jug.

Instead of adding the usual amount of cold water, add half a bottle of prosecco.

Take a small handful of raspberries and some chopped strawberries then drop them into your glass (a taller Prosecco glass or Champagne flute is best).

Add the mixture of dissolved jelly and prosecco to the glass and then refrigerate overnight.

Top with ice cream before serving (I used a lemony ice cream which was lovely!)

Source: prosecco.club

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