Melon Spritz Cocktail

Summer is just not summer without a melon drink of some sorts. I love combining berries and melon together it’s almost like the sweetness and tart collide for an amazing flavor profile especially in this spritz.

The balance of the fresh sugars from the blackberries and watermelon pair deliciously with the light essences of candied oranges and honey already present in the Lillet Blanc. 

As blackberries can be very obtrusive if you just blend them in, and I didn’t want to drown out the deliciously light bouquet in the Lillet, I instead used a blackberry sparkling water that allowed me to capture the light essences of blackberry without being intrusive.


3 ounces of Lillet Blanc
2 ounces of Blackberry Sparkling Water
1 ounces of Melon Juice
Garnish with Blackberries and Melon


Add ice to the serving glass.
Add all ingredients to the serving glass.
Stir then garnish


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