How to make a Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail

Strawberry Daiquiri is one of the most popular cocktails in the world and the reason is very simple: it’s irresistible.

The combination of rum and strawberries is unique, the sweetness of the strawberries is reminiscent of rum’ one and the whole thing is made beautiful by the refreshing taste of fresh lime juice.

The recipe you’ll find is for a frozen strawberry Daiquiri, but you can also squeeze strawberries in a colander if you want to make a classic daiquiri cocktail with fresh juice. And believe me, if strawberries are ripe to perfection is a real treat!

But back to the strawberry Daiquiri, we have nifty advice for your cocktail lovers. To flavor ice cream or to accompany pies or cakes with cream, you can prepare a couple of daiquiris, freeze them for a night in an ice cube tray, so you’ll have delicious cubes to flavor soft drinks or a simple glass of Prosecco.


60 ml white rum
150 grams of strawberries
40 ml of sugar syrup
30 ml of fresh lime juice
for the frozen an equal amount of ice


The secret to make a great frozen cocktail in the change of speed: start blending at low speed, speed up for 15 seconds and finished with 10 seconds of low speed. If well done, a strawberry frozen Daiquiri must be consistent, fluffy. The straw, once immersed, have to a standstill.

Put the ice in a blender, add strawberries, sugar syrup, lime juice, rum, and blend.

Pour the cocktail in a glass, close your eyes, smell and dream of running naked on a Cuban beach.

If you fancy a non-alcoholic cocktail, this mixture is great even without rum, just add a piece of ginger before blending.


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