Galaxy Cocktail

Viniq Original really looks so amazing in a cocktail and I love finding new ways to utilize it. The colors remind me of a starry night, which is what influenced me to create this Galaxy Cocktail. 

The weather wasn’t great last week, so I decided to invite my girlfriends over for a fun galaxy themed party with drinks and dessert. After a little searching, I was able to find galaxy styled doughnuts along with cookies and macaroons to serve before unveiling the evening’s signature galaxy cocktail. 

This cocktail was created to be a bit sweet to pair with the dessert theme and it turned out to be a perfect pairing with the fun sweets.

The evening went off without any issues and we were lucky to have incorporated the starry skies into our night inside as the weather outside kept the stars at bay. 

Viniq Original has some great flavor notes including berry, peach and citrus, which worked great with the grenadine and lemon juice. If you don’t like sweet cocktails, this recipe is easy to manipulate and adding more lemon juice will definitely give it a little more kick. 

This beautiful galaxy was then topped off with edible stars which can easily be found in your local craft store!


2 ounces of Viniq Original
1 ounce of grenadine
1 ounce of lemon juice
1 cup of ice


Chill all ingredients for 2 hours
Add all chilled ingredients to a cocktail shaker
Shake mixture then strain into a martini glass
Garnish: Edible stars

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