Hayman’s Sloe Gin Cocktail

We should all stop and pay tribute to the humble little juniper berry, which plays a critical role in one of England’s favourite drinks, gin. 

We’ve joined forces with the fabulous team behind Hayman’s Gin, a local London distillery, who kindly shared their delicious sloe gin recipe with us, known as the “WIBBLE”.

30ml Hayman’s Sloe gin
30ml Hayman’s London dry gin 30ml pink grapefruit juice
10ml Lemon Juice
10ml Chambord
5ml Sugar Syrup

1. Chill a martini glass.
2. Shake all the ingredients thoroughly.
3. Strain into the chilled glass.
4. Garnish with a twist of lemon peel and blackberries.

While it requires some extra effort, home- squeezed grapefruit will retain the fruit’s natural sweetness without the bitter edge that can dominate.

Source: socialpantry.co.uk

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