Nectarini Prosecco Cocktail

Try out this easy Prosecco cocktail recipe. Simple and very refreshing at summer!

 1 bottle of dry prosecco 
3 nectarines 
Chill glasses 


Peel nectarines, cut them up and, using a fine mesh sieve, push through all the liquid. 

Do this for all nectarines until you end up with a bowl of finely sieved nectarine puree. 

Using a spoon, spoon a big dollop into the bottom of your glass so it should be 1/3 nectarine puree and 2/3 prosecco. 

Carefully top with prosecco making sure it doesn’t over fizz. 

Sieving the nectarines through a fine mesh is the most important part, in order to get the freshest puree which makes the Nectarini so delicious. 

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