The Best Prosecco Bars in London

Visit these London bars and hangouts where the prosecco game is stronger than your aching, needy fizz-thirst.

1. Indulge in prosecco on tap at Homeslice 

I mean, need we say more. Oh yeah, £5 for a glass of frizzante. There’s pizza, so it shouldn’t get too messy.    

2. Celebrate spritz happy hour at Polpo

How do you make the best thing in the world even better? Add Aperol, that’s how. Get your spritz fix at Polpo venues across London, where they sweeten this already awesome deal with a happy hour from 4-6pm, when a spritz will set you back a fiver.

3. Pinkies at the ready for bottomless prosecco afternoon tea at Drink, Shop & Do

You probably won't want to ‘do’ an awful lot after unlimited prosecco, which comes for a £15 supplement with glitter-filled afternoon tea at Drink, Shop & Do (uhuh, glitter + prosecco. Mind blown).  

4. Knock back stunning sgroppinos at Swift    

*Could you be, the most beautiful drink you in world?* You’ll be singing too once you try Swift’s gorge sgroppino, a classic prosecco drink topped with lemon sorbet for £7. 

5. Binge on truffles and prosecco at... duh, Trufflesecco 

So you like truffles too, eh? You fancy old tart. Treat yourself at Camden’s Trufflesecco (groan, what a name), where the two get on famously on a menu of rich food and fizzy booze.

6. Drink in the view and then the negroni sbagliatos at Frank's Cafe

Know what 'sbagliato' means? 'Messed up'. A negroni messed up with prosecco. You messed up on a roof in Peckham.

7. Check out the best bellini in town at Bar Termini

Think bellinis are hella simple? Think again. Bar Termini pimp up their poison with almond blossom and it’s one pro-sexy drink. Quite simply the most bella bellini going.


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