Prosecco Lover? Here's your Pairing Guide

Prosecco, the Italian king of bubbles, is an aperitivo staple around the world, but it is traditionally enjoyed throughout an entire meal in the Veneto region where it comes from.

It is summertime and the living is easy. Poolside, beachside, lakeside… you are waterside and sipping on the bubbles to stay cool. Today we are going to explore what Prosecco pairs well with throughout the seasons.

This famous sparkling wine is often considered a cheaper version of Champagne, but we think it deserves more. Made using an entirely different method means that it is an entirely different wine. Fruity, tangy and creamy it is made in three different levels of sweetness and pairs like a dream with almost anything. The bubbles are light and frothy, wiping the palate clean for more food!

In the Veneto region, where Prosecco comes from, it is common to drink a bottle throughout the entirety of a meal. We have 5 pairings, 3 wine notes and 2 pairing notes to help you match your bottle of Prosecco Valdobbiadene Superiore or Cartizze with appetizers and entrees!

Source: / Written by: Aleeshia Tozzi

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